We are a leader in recycled paper and its products, with a commitment to producing high-quality products that drive value for our customers and find sustainable solutions for our industry.

With our expertise in papermaking, Uma Group is now proud to offer containerboard for our customers. Our product performs in the most demanding applications without sacrificing quality and consistency, ensuring your operations perform at maximum efficiency.

We are active in following paper qualities.

Fluting Medium Paper

Paper which possess good quality of strength that serves as critical component for corrugated board functioning as a shockproof and pressure resistant layer or can be else be used as packing paper for fragile items. We offer range for corrugating medium paper from 80 –200 GSM.

Test Liner Paper

100% good quality recycled paper is produced and offered to meet up our customer’s expectation for great quality product but provide a low cost and focus on environmental Issue. For Test Liner paper, we offer with range of products started from 120-200 GSM.

Kraft Top Liner Paper

Kraft top liner paper is used as the inner and outer layers of the corrugated sheets and boxes. Linerboard provides effective protection for contents and a smooth surface that facilitates high quality printing. Uma’s kraft liner is known for their superior performances and paper profile.

Virgin Top Liner Paper

Virgin top liner Paper is preferred in many applications due to its great strength and strong fibers. It has very high tear resistance and superior bursting strength. Virgin top liner Paper can contain up to 45% virgin fibre & 55% recycled fibers.