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Uma Group was founded in 1998 and mainly engaged in corrugated cartons manufacturing business in India for the first seventeen years. We supply our cartons to various industries such as FMCG, Automobile, Textile etc to fulfil the end consumer requirement. Due to the rapid development of India’s paper industry, Uma Group also began to produce paper for its own consumption & also selling paper into domestic market in India.

Years of experience in paper industry, we had led Uma Group to start exporting our paper to overseas countries and the multilateral business began to take shape for the future. Beginning from 2017, Uma group is no longer limited to sales its paper into domestic market in India but It has truly become a global international company with our widespread network from Latin America to China . The global relationship and network with our customers lead us to understand the current market situation and future development trends better than everyone else , allowing us to provide latest information of market in the face of the competition which is getting more and more intense.

Uma Group understand the market situation and implementing the latest technology into its business on daily basis so we have started our paper trading company in UAE to supply good quality of papers from all across the globe to various industries who need it and We have also started our waste paper procurement office in USA to meet our raw material requirement for our own consumption and also fulfil the requirement of other paper mills across the globe. We also manufacture paper core to wind various products in different kinds of industries.

Looking into the future, deepening the relationship with existing customers, looking for new opportunities through new partners, cooperating with both of them are the orientations and mottos that the Uma group has always relied on for success.

Selling in emerging, high-growth markets often calls for extraordinary solutions, both practically.

"Quality means doing things right when no one is looking."-Henry Ford

What we trade

We give you the tools you need to navigate the intricate world of paper-based products and arrive at the best decisions. We provide you with unmatched insightful products that will robust your product quality which includes Containerboard, Recycled fibres & Paper board & more. We believe in fulfilling the requirement of product quality and quantity that has never come to terms.By establishing and fostering partnerships that provide you with a solid foundation for future success, we'll help you accelerate the growth of your company.

  • Containerboard
  • Recycled fibres
  • Paper board